Who is Kevan?

Kevan is one expression of the universal “I”—that single consciousness that also finds its expression in you, that existed long before you and he were born, and that will continue long after all of this is gone.

If that’s too mystical for you, forget it. Kevan usually does. He is an ordinary man of about fifty with an interesting wife and a job that is nothing to brag about. Really, very ordinary. It makes him laugh to think about it.

Having felt himself buffeted about in various ways since he was born, he’s decided that perhaps it’s time for a change of attitude. We’re all in deep, whether we like it or not. We don’t control the temperature of the water or the currents. But we have it in us to swim, and to set our direction. And the water that can drown us also supports us.

As part of his journey of self-improvement, Kevan has resolved not to write about himself in the third person.

8 Responses to Who is Kevan?

  1. Elysia thinks that Kevan has a few screws loose for sure! But Elysia is missing a few completely, so she really doesn’t mind. ;-)
    Yes, lose the third person thing- PLEASE! But definitely keep you terrific sense of humor!
    You’re header is beautiful- do you know where it is?
    This reminds me about the family discussion we had the other night about rip currents, and how you sometimes need to swim along parallel to the shore until you’re out of the rip current. Then you will be free of it, and can swim back to shore. Some how this new blog of yours seems to have brought you out of your own rip current, but you’re not done swimming yet. Why would you be- the water is fine- and what a view! :-)

  2. Ruth says:

    Looking forward to listening in on this conversation. :-) Blessing to you

  3. Susan says:

    Hahahah! Susan thinks talking about oneself in the third person is really, really funny.

  4. Lori says:

    Ha! In my family, I am known for talking about myself in the third person. It started innocently enough talking to newborn nieces and nephews, but eventually became a habit that my family teases me about mercilessly.

    Aunt Lori’s really happy you blog. (Okay, it even looks bad in type…I may have to reform.)

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