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The Game of Good and Evil

ALAN WATTS: The political and personal morality of the West, especially in the United States, is utterly schizophrenic. It is a monstrous combination of uncompromising idealism and unscrupulous gangsterism, and thus devoid of the humor and humaneness which enables confessed … Continue reading

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Heretic Pride

From the first bars, the music is insistent, excited, and joyous. There’s a seriousness underlying the joy, the kind that lets you know that this happiness is important. And there’s a hint of sadness underneath it, as there always is … Continue reading

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Knowing what you want

Letters of Note includes this message from the young Samuel Barber to his mother in 1919: NOTICE to Mother and nobody else Dear Mother: I have written this to tell you my worrying secret. Now don’t cry when you read it because it is … Continue reading

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Young Young and Old Young

I’m thirty-one years older than this guy:   But I’m only sixteen years younger than this guy:   That scares me.

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The Opposite of Love

About the time I was in college, there was a saying going around to which everyone was expected to nod in somber agreement. “The opposite of love is not hate,” it went. “The opposite of love is indifference.” But it’s … Continue reading

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Hurrah for cynicism! A toast to self-loathing!

What, you think I’m against these things? To be sure, a cheap cynicism is an ugly thing: the cynicism of those who can’t handle the responsibility to act in an ethical way. The cynicism of business and government—of the manipulator, … Continue reading

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Notebook entry, July 2010

From a notebook I kept in the summer of 2010. I was speaking of developing my writing, but there’s a larger application to growth in general. “It is my better self I am trying to release, perhaps my best self, … Continue reading

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Hello! I am lost, and my driver is not much help. Would you kindly direct me to the nearest hay store?

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